Breeding Objectives

Cross breeding made absolute

Afrikaner cross Charolais cattle, the Hugenoot is a brilliant example of a synthetic breed which simplifies beef production and makes complicated cross breeding programs obsolete.

Productivity and feed conversion

The aim of the Landmerck Hugenoot stud is to breed muscled but efficient medium frame cattle. In farmer language, we want to breed medium frame animals that carries more meat and thereby improve productivity. It can never be effective to have more weight by increasing the frame size. The ultimate productivity challenge in beef production is to increase growth and feed conversion without changing frame size.

Adaptability and hardiness

The formation of the Hugenoot cattle breed successfully combined the advanced characteristics of the Charolais with the adaptability and hardiness of the indigenous Afrikaner. The adaptability of the Hugenoot throughout South Africa is well known and the creamy white animals highly sought after by feedlots. The light colour also compliments the breed going forward with special reference to global warming and consequential radiation from the sun.