About Us

The Breivilo Nooitgedachters and Landmerck Hugenote are situated on the family owned farm, Glen Alphen, in the Frankfort district, Eastern Free State. The farm was bought in 2003 and has since provided the Olivier family with content (wonderful moments, love and appreciation). Intensive livestock farming practises are engaged in on the farm with the planting of intensive pastures for grazing in the summer months, and the production of quality hay for winter supplementation. There are also plains game for hunting in the winter months. The passion on the farm however is off course the breeding of excellent Nooitgedachter horses and Hugenoot cattle, both proudly South African races.

Breivilo Nooitgedachters

Registered in January 2000 with only 3 mares and 1 stallion, the Breivilo Nooitgedachters has grown to be a stud with close to 200 horses today. It is our vision to shape Glen Alphen as the most exceptional horse farm in the country. Through careful selection, our mission is to breed a proudly indigenous horse fit for any rider and challenge. At the Breivilo Nooitgedachters the basis of our breeding objectives is to present a good strong and balanced horse, together with endurance ability, strong legs and hooves, good constitution with an excellent temperament. The result of this breeding is a general competitive sport horse for the whole family. Our horses are formidable, versatile, dependable, a true family friend. We can guarantee that you will find your exact match in a Brieivilo Nooitgedachter, whether you want to enhance your own breeding bloodline or are simply looking for a working horse, sporting horse or just a brilliant ride. We also provide leasing opportunities in order to ensure our riders are complacent (content) with their ride, whether it be competitive during endurance, show jumping, equitation or just trail riding.

Landmerck Hugenote

The Landmerck Hugenoot stud was registered in 2009. The Hugenoot type cattle lies close to our hearts as it has been in our family for three generations. Grandpa farmed successfully with Afrikaner cross Charolais cattle from the middle 1970’s in the extreme sourveld area of Ermelo. Since the end of the 1960’s, the importation of the Charolais from France made a huge improvement in productivity in beef production. Most of this was only recognised in later years with the introduction of the National Beef Performance Schemes. Most cattle breeds today are still far behind in terms of growth and feed conversion, the key pin of the Hugenoot. The formation of the Hugenoot cattle breed successfully combined the advanced characteristics of the Charolais with the adaptability and hardiness of the indigenous Afrikaner. The adaptability of the Hugenoot throughout South Africa is well known and the creamy white animals highly sought after by feedlots. The light colour also compliments the breed going forward with special reference to global warming and consequential radiation from the sun. The aim of the Landmerck Hugenoot stud is to breed muscled but efficient medium frame cattle. In farmer language, we want to breed medium frame animals that carries more meat and thereby improve productivity. It can never be effective to have more weight by increasing the frame size. The ultimate productivity challenge in beef production is to increase growth and feed conversion without changing frame size. The time for oversized large frame score cattle in the dry tropical areas of Africa, is long gone. The Hugenoot is a brilliant example of a synthetic breed which simplifies beef production and makes complicated cross breeding programs obsolete.

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